Why SAP?

SAP customers and partners from every region of the world rely on SAP Education as a trusted partner and advisor. Whether they are seeking state-of-the-art solutions for preparing end-users or effective and affordable learning for consultants, they agree that SAP Education is the logical place to find what they need.

As a SAP Consultant, you get to work with the CEO’s, CFO’s and other CxO level professionals. Your advice causes tangible financial gains and enable them to redefine their business strategies. One of the most professionally and intellectually satisfying careers, it will bring to life all your domain and technical expertise. The SAP Academy with Certification is the door to a career in SAP Consulting. For working professionals who are aspiring to be consultants.

Be counted in the fraternity of the most well-known and well respected professionals – SAP Consultants.


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What is SAP?

Designed to provide certification for prospective SAP consultants, SAP Solution Academy is an intensive training on the SAP ERP Application. Unique in many respects, it is a GLOBALLY ACCEPTED CERTIFICATION.

What do you get?

By undertaking this program, participants will gain required understanding of and skills in implementing a specific module of SAP ERP as well as a thorough understanding of the application software. On completion of the training classes, the participants will take the online certification examination hosted by the SAP, Germany. Globally recognized SAP certificates will be issued to the participants who clear the certification examination. SAP Training is unique in the following ways:

  • Consistent course structure across the globe.
  • Globally homogeneous training material.
  • Identical training methodology used globally.
  • Dedicated training systems.
  • Professional certified trainers with over 500 hours of training experience.
  • High-standard supervising systems.
  • Objective evaluation systems.

What you do to Get Certified?

Registration requirements

SAP Functional Modules


  • Graduate and above.
  • With 1 – 5 years of relevant domain experience.

SAP Technical Modules

SAP ABAP (IT graduates, Software programmers with knowledge on programing skills like .Net, Java, Oracle, PL/SQL, OOPS)

  • IT graduates, software programmers, Database managers or any programmer.
  • With 0 – 1 year of experience.
Take skill aptitude test

To choose a career that you would like to move into, you need to know the requirements of the role that you are considering, and know how you fit into that role. Of the variety of tests and assessments, psychometric assessment is the only predictable and structured assessment technique that measures your capabilities, attitudes and aptitudes which you can then compare with the benchmark profile for the role.

This assessment will educate you about where you are vis-à-vis the role that you are considering, and what more you require to imbibe to it into that role.

We have tied up with Central Test, which is a leading player in the domain of psychometric assessments. Central Test designs and distributes a wide range of HR assessment tools.

We invite you to take the free, no obligation assessment, and come to us to discuss how we can support you to move into a desired consulting career in ERP and PLM.

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